You should buy Google Pixel 7 now or wait for Pixel 8

Google Pixel 7 is one of the best smartphones of 2023 and stands out for its unique design, powerful Tensor G2 chipset and impressive camera quality. The Pixel 7 series are some of the best phones on the market today and have received deep discounts from many retailers and carriers, making them a great alternative to the iPhone 14 series and latest Galaxy S23 range.

The Google Pixel 8 series is still a few months away. As we await the leaks to reveal more about Google’s next-generation flagship devices, we wondered whether the Google Pixel 7 is worth buying now or should users hold on and wait the upcoming Google Pixel 8.


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You should buy the Pixel 7 today if…

You’re looking for a solid flagship smartphone from Google

Google Pixel 7 in hand Android lifestyle

The Google Pixel 8 is still months away – as of this writing – and the Pixel 7 is available to buy right now. Google often releases its new devices in October, which means that the new Pixel generation is more than three months away.

If you’re looking for an excellent and solid flagship smartphone from Google, the Pixel 7 is one you should consider, especially if you’re looking for great battery life, a large responsive display, and one of the best cameras on the market. The Pixel 7 excels at everything, and unlike previous generations, it’s the first time Google has nailed it with software and hardware. That’s no problem, and the Pixel 7 series are the best devices Google has ever produced.

Want to save money

Google Pixel 7 camera

The Google Pixel 7 series is constantly receiving price drops and carriers are offering various bundles and discounts to convince users to upgrade and retire a Pixel smartphone. Whether it’s the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, or Pixel 7a, all Pixel-branded devices are seeing their prices reduced in an aggressive move to get consumers to try them out.

The Pixel 7 will only get cheaper, and we’ve already seen the device offered for $200 off retail price, making it one of the best phones to buy in 2023. If you’re looking to save money, or maybe not If you need all the additional features of Pixel 7 Pro and you want something more than Pixel 7a, Pixel 7 Vanilla is an excellent choice. It doesn’t break the bank and is great value for money. The Pixel 7 is one of our favorite phones in its class.

You should wait for Google Pixel 8 if…

You want a smaller phone


The latest rumors suggest that the Google Pixel 8 may be slightly smaller and more rounded than the Pixel 7 series. The new design could significantly improve the one-handed experience and provide a more comfortable feel. Holding the Pixel 8 might be a lot easier than before.

If you’ve tried the Pixel 7, you may have noticed that it’s hard to hold, and while the phone has a great, comfortable design, we can’t blame you for wishing for a smaller, narrower device that’s easier to use. Suppose the Pixel 8 shrinks slightly and becomes more curved than the Pixel 7; we could be looking at a phone that is aesthetically pleasing to your eyes and hands.

You want the most powerful chip and new features from Google

Google tensor chip

The Google Pixel 8 series will arrive with Android 14 out of the box and we expect to see significant improvements from a hardware point of view. The upcoming Pixel 8 series will feature the improved Google Tensor G3 chipset which is said to bring huge improvements to the overall performance. As a result of the new chip, gaming, multitasking, and battery life should yield significantly better results.

The combination of Android 14, Google’s improvements for Pixel devices, and the new Tensor G3 chip should deliver major improvements. It’s also possible that Google will introduce some new features that may initially only be available on the latest Pixel series, although the company often brings most of these new features to its previous generation smartphones within weeks and months. However, if you want to stay on edge, you might want to hang on and wait for the upcoming Pixel 8 series.

You are in no hurry


Early rumors suggest the Pixel 8 could cost the same as the Pixel 7 in the US. Google is not expected to raise prices in North America, although the company may decide to increase some of its margins to deal with high inflation rates. It’s also possible we’ll see higher prices outside the US, including Europe and the UK.

Suppose you’re in no rush or need a new smartphone right now, and you want to try Pixel software and optimization on Google’s latest and greatest smartphone. If so, we recommend waiting until October. This is when Google usually announces its new flagship devices, and we expect a similar timeline in 2023.


Let’s say you have the budget and are in no rush to upgrade; waiting for the Pixel 8 series is your best decision. The Pixel 8 series promises faster performance, greater efficiency, better cameras, and a vastly improved user experience thanks to new software enhancements and features.

However, if you feel like trying Google’s experience and ecosystem, now is the best time to try the current generation and you could save yourself hundreds of dollars too. With Amazon Prime Day just around the corner, we expect Google and many other retailers and carriers to introduce steep price cuts, saving you hundreds of dollars. If you decide to use the Google Pixel 7, you’ll want to visit our case guide, which features more than a dozen of our favorite cases that are a perfect fit for the Pixel 7.

Whether you decide to wait or upgrade now, the Pixel 7 series are the best devices Google has ever made, and the phones come with three years of operating system and five years of security patches to ensure they’re kept safe and sound. In theory, Android 16 will be the last operating system update for the Pixel 7 series, and they’ll receive security updates until at least 2027, making them a great option, even in 2023, if you’re looking for a phone you can hold out for the next few years. .

Google Pixel 7

Google Pixel 7

The new Google Pixel 7 is powered by the brand new Google Tensor G2 chipset. The device is paired with 8GB of memory and has 128/256GB storage tiers. The phone features a vastly improved camera system and is more portable than the last generation. Pixel 7 is available in Obsidian, Lemongrass and Snow colors.

More great Pixel smartphones

  • Google Pixel 7 Pro

    Google Pixel 7 Pro

    $699 $899 Save $200

    Google Pixel 7 Pro, powered by the new Google Pixel Tensor sensor, delivers outstanding graphics performance and computing power so you can easily play all your favorite games and multitask. The device also has a highly capable camera setup supported by a unique post-processing algorithm that helps in achieving great results.

  • PBI Pixel 7a Sea blue

    Google Pixel 7a

    $450 $500 Save $50

    The Pixel 7a is Google’s new budget smartphone, packed with long-awaited features like a 90Hz responsive display, a more powerful camera setup, and support for wireless charging. Pixel 7a is powered by Tensor G2 chipset and is the best A-series device.

  • PBI Pixel 6a white

    Google Pixel 6a

    $299 $449 Save $150

    If you don’t care about the high refresh rate, wireless charging, glass back and a few other goodies, this should be your phone. It’s a Pixel that features the same chipset as last year’s Pixel 6 series but less expensive. Check out all the offers on the device using the links given below.

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