Why AI is the big bad in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning According to Christopher McQuarrie

The threat of artificial intelligence is one that has filtered through the public consciousness in recent years. With the rise of AIs like Midjourney and ChatGPT, questions about the future of humanity and technology are being raised almost daily as these systems continually improve. Entertainment is increasingly incorporating the problem into what we see on the screen as well with the latest to tackle artificial intelligence Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning part one next month. by Collider Steve Weintraub sat down with the director Christopher McCarrie to discuss how Ethan Hunt’s latest film ended with a very timely threat taking center stage.

McQuarrie and crew were looking for new places to take Mission Impossible After Fall Raise the bar that high with some of the best action ever screened against the backdrop of a nuclear threat. With the franchise now spanning six films, the director has turned to technology to give Hunt (Tom Cruise) a challenge unlike anything I’ve ever faced before. As modern as AI talk is, however, the Showdown was a bit ahead of its time when ideas for the sequel were first pitched:


“Very first conversations, probably the first conversations on this were in 2018/2019, and we were looking for the bad guy, the next threat in Mission. We’ve made nuclear threats, we’ve made chemical threats, biological threats, you’ve made the rabbit’s foot, and God only knows what threat it was. In trying to keep it fresh, we were looking outwards and the great conversation I had with Tom [Cruise] very early on it was about technology, information technology and what, now, everybody’s talking about is artificial intelligence.”

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Showdown It comes at a perfect time between talks about AI

McQuarrie further emphasized how perfect it was Showdown is releasing now as the AI ​​revolution is underway and as everyone is getting familiar with the constant news exploring new technology and all the scary implications that come with it from scarily accurate deepfakes to job losses. He compared Showdown to Cold War films that exploited very familiar fears of world war and nuclear annihilation to connect with audiences. Detailing his speech to Cruise, he said:

“When I presented it to Tom, I said, ‘Two or three years ago, this idea would have been too intellectual for most people.’ We would explain too much what it was and what I count on from the public. The thing I compared it to is the Cold War. When I was growing up, the Cold War was very real, it was a very present thing. We were under threat, we believed , of nuclear annihilation, that at any moment a war could break out between two or three nuclear superpowers, so when you went to see a cold war movie, you didn’t need someone who threatened the cold war, you I just heard it. It was something you brought into the film. So my conversation with Tom was, ‘What are people bringing into the film now? They’re not bringing the Cold War, they’re ‘We’re not bringing the war on terror, they’re bringing something new, and what is it? What is this anxiety?’”

Showdown will see Hunt take on an AI weapon that threatens all of humanity, facing enemies from his past while desperately trying to keep it out of the wrong hands. He is forced into a global race to prevent the worst from happening, all while facing an all-powerful new enemy and coming to terms with his past before becoming THE Ethan Hunt. Enough to make him think that this mission might be more important than the ones he cares deeply about. The thing of Mission Impossible movie is, no matter what threat or death-defying stunts he faces, Cruise’s action hero always comes out on top in the end. In this sense, McQuarrie wants Showdown be a release from the constant accumulation of stress that technology has brought:

“I heard, in the zeitgeist, this anxiety about technology and what and how technology was starting to affect our lives, and how do we take that anxiety that audiences are bringing to film and give them a release? This is really what that the movie boils down to when you go to see Top Guns in 1986, the cold war was a very real thing. That anxiety was something you were bringing into it, and you liked that movie because that movie was telling you that everything was going to be okay in the end. You were showing them a way out.”

Even though this film tries to give the audience the feeling that all will be well, McQuarrie was eager to anticipate it The showdown Part 2, which has also been in development for a while, would go wild with AI fears over the former whenever it comes along. “So yeah, we were talking about AI, algorithm and information technology going back to 2018/2019,” he told Weintraub. “(Co-writer) Erik Jendresen and i have been working on this and Second part for a long time, and there are very prescient things Second part which, if you think this is outlandish, will blow your mind Second part.”

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning part one hits theaters July 12. Check out the trailer below and keep an eye out for our full interview with McQuarrie.

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