What to do if your Galaxy Z Fold or Z Flip’s internal screen protector starts peeling off

Foldable smartphones have injected excitement into the market, offering a fresh take on traditional designs. The Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip series have won over enthusiasts, as well as those looking for a larger screen or more compact form factor, respectively. However, like any emerging technology, foldable phones face challenges, particularly in terms of durability.

If you already own a Galaxy Z Fold or Z Flip smartphone, you’ve probably encountered or at least heard of issues with their screen protectors. In many cases, Galaxy Z series screen protectors wear out faster than they should and start causing problems. If you’re wondering how to replace your internal screen protector, we’ve got some tips and advice.

How to prevent the Z Fold or Z Flip internal screen protector from peeling off

What the internal screen protector does on the Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold

Your Galaxy Foldable Phone comes with a pre-installed internal screen protector made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a flexible material that is resistant to grease, oil and abrasion. The protector is designed to ensure that the screen is not damaged during folding, unfolding and general use.

The goal is to protect your screen from scratches, debris, or any other possible damage it may receive. It’s important to note that this protector isn’t meant to be user-replaceable, unlike the ones Samsung puts on non-folding phone displays.

What are the problems with the Z Fold and Z Flip screen protectors

As with nearly all new technology, there are some things that need to be improved over time. The problem with the internal screen protectors on Samsung foldable phones seems to be that they start peeling off quite early (in extreme cases, after as little as 6 months of use), which I imagine can be frustrating especially if you’ve spent a large amount of money on your new phone.

Since foldable screens aren’t that common, it’s still not easy to find a place outside of authorized Samsung service centers to replace your screen protector. And actually, Samsung does not recommend taking it off yourself or, for that matter, applying a new one without professional help.

How to tell if your Z Fold or Z Flip screen protector is peeling off

Well, peeling a screen protector is something you will probably notice as it can be quite annoying. You’d see, for example, bubbles on the screen right where the phone bends.

In the case of our Galaxy Z Fold 3, these were small, barely noticeable at first. However, over the course of several weeks, the protector had completely peeled off in the area above the crease.

Keep in mind that the protective layer that peels off is not the screen, so keep calm when you see such damage that it is treatable. But you definitely have to find a way to replace the protector so that the much more expensive screen remains preserved.

What to do if your Z Fold or Z Flip screen protector is peeling off

The first thing I would recommend is not to peel off the entire internal screen protector yourself, but to find the closest one Samsung Service Center or any other authorized service. Samsung also works with more than 250 Best Buy locations across the US, so the chance of having one near you is pretty big.

You can also check if one of the Asurion services are located near you as they also offer solutions for the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip series. And if you’re outside the US, you can check your local Samsung and Asurion websites again to see if there are service centers near you. After finding a service center (or being recommended one by the Samsung support team because that is also an option), you should check if the The Samsung Screen Protector Replacement Promotion applies to you. Long story short, Samsung offers a free replacement, but there’s a catch.
Will only replace the internal screen protector once within a year of purchasing your phone. This offer applies to Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Z Flip 5G, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy Z Fold, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 4.

After the first year, the screen protector replacement cost starts at $19.99. And if the internal screen protector comes off on a regular basis, keeping your phone in top condition could get a bit expensive. So let’s see if you can do something about it.

How to prevent the Z Fold or Z Flip internal screen protector from peeling off

As much as I want to share a big secret with you that magically keeps your screen protector intact, I can’t. But there are some things you could at least try, and they sure won’t hurt you.

To begin with, you can clean the edges and hinge of the screen with a microfiber cloth and always make sure there are no sharp particles or dirt before closing the phone. Also, try to treat the hinge and mechanism with care and avoid pushing too hard when opening and closing the phone.

Some Galaxy Z series users suggest that external factors such as cold temperature could also impact the life of the internal screen protector, as well as unnecessarily opening and closing or simply leaving the screen open often. So, it might be a good idea to avoid these things. You can also choose from a variety of covers and cases to protect your phone. If taking care of your phone is not a problem for you but you are still worried about it getting damaged, you can always opt for Samsung Care+, which is a paid plan that plays the role of insurance for your phone. The plan covers drops, spills, breakdowns, theft, and loss, and has 24/7 expert support.

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