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Competition in the home internet world has been a dream for many cutters. Now, thanks to T-Mobile and others, finally, there is real competition for home internet. You are no longer limited to DSL, cable and maybe a fiber internet option. There are now a growing number of other options, including T-Mobiles 5G Hoem Internet.

The question now is, should you spend your money on T-Mobile 5G Home Internet? Is it worth the cost? Can you stream whatever you want with it?

Disclaimer: T-Mobile provided Cord Cutters News with a review unit for this review. T-Mobile didn’t see our review before posting it live, and had no requests or restrictions on our ability to test their home Internet service. We tested this in my home over several weeks, not a T-Mobile test site.

Here’s our quick T-Mobile 5G Home Internet review:


T-Mobile’s 5G Internet service skips equipment rentals and is available for $50 a month with no contracts.

If you have a Go5G Plus or Magenta Max plan from T-Mobile, you may qualify to get T-Mobile Home Internet for just $30 a month.


T-Mobile advertised the service with 100Mbps down speed. During our tests, we regularly exceeded 200Mbps, but fell well into the 100Mbps range at times.

One note that we moved the modem to different windows and found that placing the modem on the south side of our house gave us the best speed compared to the north side.

Also, moving the modem near a window helped improve internet speed compared to having it in the middle of our house.

Speeds for T-Mobile Home Internet will depend a lot on where you live. So I might go down 200mbps, but your speed might be different.

Is T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Fast Enough for Streaming?

Yes, we were able to stream Amazon, Paramount+, YouTube TV and more without any issues using T-Mobiles 5G Home Internet.

There are some services that lock you to a home IP location. Because T-Mobiles Home Internet changes your IP address often, it makes it very difficult to use Hulu with Live TV, for example.

Most streaming services require 15Mbps to 20Mbps for a 4K stream. Even at just 100Mbps, you should be able to easily stream the movies and TV shows you want, even at 4K.

Setting up

Setting up my modem was very easy. I plugged it in and downloaded the T-Mobile app. It only took a few minutes to follow the steps in the app.

Help with early termination fees:

T-Mobile is also offering up to $750 to help you pay early termination fees with your current Internet provider so you can make the switch.

Here are the full terms for the $750 help with settlement fees:

Limited offer; subject to change. Valid credit, ISP early termination fee, and new home or business Internet service required. ISP ETFs, up to $750, paid for via virtual prepaid Mastercard, which you can use online or in-store via accepted mobile payment apps;no cash access and expires in 6 months.Submit proof of ETF and 90+ days in good standing with your ISP within 60 days of activating new Internet service and be up and in good standing once processed.We may ask for more information.One bid per eligible address; max 5/account. T-MobileVirtual Prepaid Mastercard is a discount for the new service; for any tax implications, consult a tax advisor. Cards issued by Sunrise Banks NA, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. This card can be used anywhere Mastercard debit is accepted. Registration, activation, acceptance or use of this card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in the Prepaid Card Agreement. This promotion is not associated with, sponsored or endorsed by Mastercard or Sunrise Banks NA Allow 8 weeks from fulfillment of offer requirements. May not be combined with certain offers or discounts.Why pay morecompared to cable competitors’ regular rates with greater than 10% population coverage according to the December 2022 FCC Communications Marketplace report.

Try T-Mobile Home Internet Before You Pay:

T-Mobile is now offering a 15-day free trial of T-Mobile Home Internet, allowing you to give it a try before you get stuck.

Here are the legal details of the 15-day test drive:

Cancellation within 15 days of activation of the Home Internet service. Limited offer; subject to change. New qualifying home Internet line and timely return of gateway required. Refund by one-time credit. Maximum 1/account. May not be combined with certain offers or discounts.

Final thoughts

For the average American who wants to watch videos, check email, and browse the web, T-Mobile 5G Home Internet should easily be what you want. Dedicated gamers who really want that crazy fast internet might want to consider other options. For those who aren’t dedicated gamers, t-Mobile 5G Home Internet might be perfect for them.

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