watchOS 10 Release Date: When will the next update for Apple Watch be released?

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Apple Watches are undoubtedly the best smartwatch you can buy, but they need an iPhone to work and make the most of them. However, the Apple Watch is great for iPhone users. Apple is working to improve its smartwatches with timely software updates like watchOS 10 that add new features. But when will watchOS 10 come out? We will tell you the watchOS 17 release date and other details in this article.


watchOS 10 will be released to the public in September 2023, just when iPhone 15 and the new Apple Watches are launched. A Developer Beta for watchOS 10 is available now for developers, while Public Betas will be available starting in July 2023 for enthusiasts. We do not recommend Developer Beta or Public Beta for average consumers.


When will watchOS 10 come out?

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Apple officially announced watchOS 10 on June 5, 2023, but the first public stable release will arrive later this year. You can expect watchOS 10 to be released to the public in September 2023, just as the iPhone 15 series and new Apple Watches launch.

If you can’t wait to try watchOS 10, there are beta versions you can try. But be careful, these versions are very buggy. They are meant to be a testing ground for app developers to test their apps and try out the new APIs that Apple has added to the operating system. As such, they are not intended for use by average users, as features can break frequently. If you rely on your Apple Watch for critical functions, we recommend against installing the update.

Which Apple smartwatches get watchOS 10?

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Apple has the best software support in the industry, but the company isn’t entirely immune to technological obsolescence. Sometimes older hardware is too old to provide an ideal experience, making it imperative to drop support.

Thankfully, the situation remains good for this round of releases, as all Apple Watches that support watchOS 9 will be updated to watchOS 10. Here is the complete list of smartwatches updated to watchOS 10:

  • Apple Watch SE
  • Apple Watch SE (2022)
  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Apple Watch Series 7
  • Apple Watch Series 8
  • Apple Watch Ultra

There is something else to note, though. You also need an iPhone supported on iOS 17 to pair with your watchOS 10 Apple Watch. For this, you need an iPhone XS, iPhone XR, or a newer iPhone running iOS 17. You can check out the full list of supported iPhones for iOS 17.

Is there a beta version of watchOS 10?

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Yes, Apple has released a beta of watchOS 10 that can be installed on the smartwatches mentioned above. For the beta, you don’t need to be running iOS 17 betas, as the Watch Beta profile will be visible as a download option on iOS 16.4 in the Watch app.

Apple has also opened the developer beta to all developers. You no longer need to pay an annual fee to join the Apple Developer Program just to get a beta profile to upload to your Apple devices. You just need to register for free on the Apple developer website to view the beta profile for your Apple Watch.

One big caveat, though: Once the beta version is installed on your Apple Watch, it’s not possible to downgrade to the stable version. You can only go forward in releases, so you have to wait and upgrade to the watchOS 10 public beta and then the stable release. This isn’t ideal if you run into critical bugs, so we don’t recommend average users install watchOS 10 beta on their primary Apple Watch.

To upgrade to watchOS 10 beta, open the file Apple Watch application on your iPhone and go to My Watch > General > Software Update > Beta Updates. Here you can choose from the available developer betas to install.

Frequent questions

Apple has launched watchOS 10 for developers. Consumers can install watchOS 10 when it launches to the public in September 2023. Until then, you can try watchOS 10 Developer Beta or Public Beta to get a taste of the new update, although we don’t recommend doing so as the update is still buggy and needs polishing.

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