Verizon Expands 5G Internet, AT&T Promotes Advances in Oklahoma

Verizon has rolled out increased internet capacity and speed in several Oklahoma cities and towns with its 5G Ultra Wideband service.

Verizon’s latest tech deployment seems like just a snapshot, from Chickasha, Rush Springs, Lawton, and Geronimo (45, 60, 90, and 100 miles southwest of OKC, respectively), to Dibble (35 miles south), to Oilton and Pryor (85 and 150 miles south) miles northeast), but the goal is to blanket the state with the capacity and speed of portable 5G internet.

That’s a pretty big announcement: C-band spectrum usage that Verizon acquired two years ago, and that’s about as technical as I need to get. What matters is what people can do with up to 10 times the capacity they had before.

“Verizon’s 5G ultra-broadband allows people to do things on their mobile device that many previously could only do when connected to their home Internet service. This includes everything from downloading large documents and streaming movies to HD audio and video, to playing console-quality games and conducting video chats, video conferencing and FaceTime calls with clear audio and visuals.”

Verizon’s big advance in 5G announced for some small towns in Oklahoma

Verizon Rolls Out Greater Internet Speed ​​and Capacity in Multiple Oklahoma Cities and Towns with Its 5G Ultra-Broadband Service

Equally important is where: it targets certain nooks and crannies of Oklahoma. Lawton, Chickasha, and Pryor aside (populations 91,055, 15,786, and 9,453, respectively), that increase in speed and capacity is now in Oilton, Dibble, Rush Springs, and Geronimo (populations 877, 925, 1,008, and 1,162, respectively).

Verizon 5G goes country, in other words, respectfully.

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