The latest collection of CASETiFY cases brings Spider-Man to your iPhone 14, AirPods and more

Are your Spidey-Senses tingling or is it just the latest CASETiFY collaboration? Today, the popular smartphone case maker is back with its latest collection of themed cases, this time drawing on one of Marvel’s most beloved heroes. Miles Morales may be all Spider-Man fans can think of right now, but the folks over at CASETiFY are returning to a more classic take on the hero for a new line of iPhone 14 cases, AirPods covers and more devices for your web- harness daily carry.

CASETiFY Spider-Man cases for iPhone 14 coming soon

CASETiFY is back with another collection of its iconic Apple accessories. Although it really wouldn’t be a new product launch without some new iPhone 14 cases, which the Spider-Man collection is full of. There’s notably a new mask case that headlines the lineup with a holographic design that brings the quaint look of the friendly neighborhood here. And if you’re more of a Venom fan, you’re also in luck with a similarly styled case for Spider-Man’s nemesis. Each of the covers starts from $72 and they come in all sorts of designs, including models with MagSafe and more.

The range also has other fun covers for all of Apple’s latest smartphones. You’ll find even more unique designs that lean into Peter Parker’s time as a newspaper photographer, some covers decorated with classic suit mockups, and even clear mockups that have Spider-Man hanging from the camera cutout.

Besides being known for its iPhone 14 cases, CASETiFY also makes some of the funniest accessories for the rest of your Apple kit. His AirPods cases normally steal the show, and this new collection is no different. This time around, the Spider-Man AirPods Pro Case will easily be a CASETiFY favorite, with a 3D design that covers your AirPods in a fun yet protective form factor. It will cost $72but it really does give you an incredibly easy way to strap AirPods to your bag and more.

Another favorite has to be the themed MagSafe charger. CASETiFY has come out with some fun 7.5W magnetic pads in the past, but this spider-themed one has to be one of the more creative takes on an iPhone 14 accessory. It will sell for $52 when it launches alongside the rest of the collection.

CASETiFY’s latest collection will go into action at the end of this month

Officially launching later in the month, the brand new CASETiFY Spider-Man cases will officially hit store shelves on June 29th. Albeit early, you can head over to the official online showcase and put your name on the waitlist to get early access to the training. Going live just a little earlier, the covers will arrive on the evening of June 28th.

As usual with these limited edition collaborations, once the cases sell out, they’re gone. So if any of CASETiFY’s new Spider-Man accessories catch your eye, you’d better make sure you have priority access locked in and be ready to launch later in the month. We’re hoping to get our hands on some of the accessories before launch day, so stay tuned for a review of what the company has in store for fans this time around. Otherwise, you can just check out everything on the landing page on the CASETiFY official website.

9to5Toys Take

Spider-Man has been all I see online as of late following the theatrical debut of On the other side of the Ragnoverse, so this new CASETiFY collection really couldn’t come at a better time. I will say I wish there was a little more love for my man Miles, but the iPhone 14 cases and accessories that make the cut with those signature red and blue designs really shine like some of the company’s most inspired releases.

I thought CASETiFY had already gone above and beyond with their latest Star Wars collection featuring gear from The Mandalorian. And then boom, the company is back with an even more vibrant collaboration that manages to capture my attention in a completely different way. I’m excited to get my hands on the cases over the next few days and can’t wait to share my thoughts once I can finally grace my phone with those signature Spidey vibes.

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