The Fossil Gen 6 update marks the return of Google Assistant

What you need to know

  • Fossil is rolling out an update to its companion app and Gen 6 Wear OS 3 watches to bring back Google Assistant.
  • The companion app (also the Skagen app) will update to v5.1.6, adding a new “Default Assistant” menu option in My Preferences.
  • Users must update their Fossil Gen 6 Wear OS 3 watch before it will work when paired with their Android phone.

It may have seemed like a millennium for Fossil smartwatch owners, but the company is finally giving back a missing feature. Fossil announced the return of Google Assistant for its devices in a short tweet this morning.

The company says Google’s AI helper will be rolled out via an automatic update to all Wear OS 3 Gen 6 smartwatches that Fossil has under its belt. Some folks on Reddit have been a little wary of this update, wondering if it contains their long-awaited Assistant, and it does.

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