DARPA’s SafeDocs Creates Safer Documents for Safer Computing – HS Today

DARPA's SafeDocs Creates Safer Documents Today for Safer Computing Homeland Security

The modern digital landscape that facilitates real-time collaboration has also created a huge attack surface. Today, documents containing malicious constructs are a leading cause of data breaches in the public and private sector [1]. Warnings about the dangers of suspicious files abound, yet people’s jobs depend on documents: reading and reacting to them, filling out … Read more

Tech news: 5 things to know in Australia today

Tech News: 5 Things to Know in Australia Today

Good morning. Let’s get right into the tech news, shall we? 1. Australia’s quantum industry prepares for grants Kicking things off, itNews reports that the Australian government has earmarked early 2024 for its quantum computing grants. The government allocated $101 million in May’s federal budget for quantum computing and artificial intelligence, with CSIRO predicting the … Read more