How Many Imbeciles and Scammers Are There in This World: Jeremy Renner’s Death Takes the Internet by Storm, Marvel Fans Respond – FandomWire

Jeremy Renner

If one were to poke a little further, people could verify how Jeremy Renner was born with absolutely titanium plated armor of a skeletal system. The actor’s superhuman ability to not only survive but also endure has made many skeptics believe in miracles this New Year. After the devastating, horrific and gruesome accident that should … Read more

McDonald’s Grimace is taking the internet by storm

McDonald's Grimace is taking the internet by storm

Grimace’s June 12 might as well be a holiday. PRNewswire/McDonald’s USA LLC If you’ve seen a strange purple blob named Grimace on social media this week, don’t be alarmed. McDonald’s celebrates Grimace’s birthday with new meal and social media campaign. The marketing campaign made the purple creature a queer meme and icon. How it should … Read more