Yes, Tim Cooks Vision Pro headset “killed” Steve Jobs’ iPhone! Apple has a new superstar

Yes, Tim Cook's Vision Pro headset "killed"  Steve Jobs' iPhone!  Apple has a new superstar

When thinking about what makes Apple products great, we often mention software, hardware, support, ecosystem integration, and ease of use. However, one thing few people talk about is how important it is Attention it’s for a product like the new iPhone, for example. Of course, the amount of attention a product receives will likely match … Read more

Half of this remote island has no internet but is about to host Telstra’s brand new call center

Half of this remote island has no internet but is about to host Telstra's brand new call center

A small island off the coast of North Queensland will soon be home to Telstra’s brand new Australian call centre. Key points: When the center opens in October, twenty jobs will be created in the remote indigenous community About half of the island has no mobile or internet coverage Island mayor hopes partnership with Telstra … Read more

Early adopters of AI in the workplace are taking advantage of it

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According to the latest CNBC|SurveyMonkey Workforce Survey, workers using AI are more likely to have received recent pay increases that have outpaced inflation. They are also more likely to say they have the opportunity to advance their careers. Whatever fears there may exist about AI job displacement in the future, and fears there are, early … Read more