ChatGPT AI Shines in Challenging Medical Cases – Neuroscience News

This shows an AI representation of a doctor.

Summary: A new study has tested the diagnostic prowess of generative AI, specifically the GPT-4 chatbot, with promising results. The study involved assessing the diagnostic accuracy of AI in managing complex medical cases, with GPT-4 correctly identifying the main diagnosis nearly 40% of the time and including the correct diagnosis in its list of potential … Read more

The latest collection of CASETiFY cases brings Spider-Man to your iPhone 14, AirPods and more

CASETiFY Spider-Man AirPods case

Are your Spidey-Senses tingling or is it just the latest CASETiFY collaboration? Today, the popular smartphone case maker is back with its latest collection of themed cases, this time drawing on one of Marvel’s most beloved heroes. Miles Morales may be all Spider-Man fans can think of right now, but the folks over at CASETiFY … Read more

The best waterproof cases of 2023

The best waterproof cases of 2023

As smartphones become more than just communication tools for anglers, it’s important to protect them from water, dust, dirt and any other dangers. We’ve taken a closer look at some of the waterproof phone cases of 2023, and this also checks out some of the solutions out there for carrying and protecting your other devices. … Read more