AI Revolution: Simulating Human Behavior for Breakthrough Social Sciences – Neuroscience News

This shows a robot head.

Summary: A team of researchers predicts that artificial intelligence (AI), especially large language models (LLMs), could redefine research in the social sciences. They believe LLMs, trained on large amounts of text data, can mimic human responses to aid in large and rapid studies of human behavior. Traditional data collection methods in the social sciences could … Read more

Critical Schrdinger Cat Code: Quantum Computing Breakthrough for Better Qubits

Schrdinger's cat code

An illustration of Schrdinger’s cat code. In a significant breakthrough in quantum computing, physicists at EPFL have proposed a critical Schrdinger cat code for advanced error resilience, a coding scheme inspired by Schrdinger’s thought experiment. This new system, operating in a hybrid regime, not only provides advanced error suppression capabilities, but also exhibits remarkable resistance … Read more