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Fans from a galaxy far, far away are finally getting the games they’ve always wanted. After the less than ideal management of Star Wars EA franchise up to the two Star Wars Jedi games, fans have been eager to explore new stories in this vast universe, as well as lore that isn’t addressed in the films.

The first to try it in a big-budget title will be Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment with the new Star Wars outlaw. This franchise has a huge history, tons of lore, and devoted fans who pick up on every detail. If you want to know where this new adventure will take you, turn off the targeting computer, rely on the Force and take a look at everything we know so far about Star Wars outlaw.

Release date


After showing the game, we were hoping to get a release date for Star Wars: Outlaws, but they only have one window. For now, all we know is that the adventure will kick off in 2024.



Star Wars: Outlaws will arrive on all major current-gen systems. This includes PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.


We were lucky enough to get two trailers for Star Wars: Outlaws in quick succession in the summer of 2023. The first was the world premiere trailer from the Xbox Games Showcase in June 2023.

Star Wars Outlaws: World Premiere Trailer

This trailer immediately establishes that Star Wars: Outlaws will take place during the events of the original trilogy, specifically between The empire strikes again AND Return of the Jedi. However, this game won’t focus on that conflict, but rather the criminal underworld of the Outer Rim. They were introduced to our protagonist, Kay Vess, described as an up-and-coming scoundrel looking for freedom and the means to start a new life. She will be joined by her little alien companion, Nix.

The trailer shows her being confronted in a bar by some thugs while playing cards, resulting in an explosive escape. After a few more cuts, she meets a man named Jaylen on her ship, who offers her some sort of deal. She will be forced to pull off the biggest heist she has ever undertaken to escape, she hopefully her, her life from her outlawing once and for all.


Star Wars Outlaws: Official Gameplay Walkthrough | Ubisoft Next

Just a few days after the reveal, we got the first Gameplay Walkthrough for Star Wars: Outlaws at Ubisoft Forward.

We already knew this was going to be an open world Star Wars game, but this trailer opens in a more restricted position and shows that there will be stealth elements, including a stealthy takedown and Nix distracting the guards.

When the fight gets underway, Kay’s primary weapon will be her trusty blaster, which runs on a heating system rather than ammo. We see that when she is confronted with a shielded enemy, she will have more modes for her blaster than her. The three we saw were Blaster, Focused, and Stun. By switching to Focused, she was able to interrupt the shield and perform a melee attack. Nix can also aid in a fight by retrieving weapons from fallen enemies.

Kay’s health is divided into segments which, as long as one is not completely drained, will regenerate over time if not damaged.

To help navigate the massive open world, Kay will also have her own Speeder. This has its own cooldown gauge and can also be used in combat. Kay activates a bullet-time or Dead-Eye-like mode in which time slows to a crawl and she targets pursuing enemies before automatically detonating them.

As we board his ship, we spot a prompt to use a workbench, hinting at the possibility of upgrading weapons and equipment. The most amazing thing was that, after takeoff, you will be able to fully pilot the Trailblazer and engage in dogfights with other ships. You’ll also be able to fly from the surface straight into space and use Hyperdrive to jump to new locations. We’ll have to wait to see how many planets we can explore.

Pre order


Don’t put all your credits on the table just yet. Star Wars: Outlaws it only has a release window so far, so there’s no pre-order information yet. As soon as we know which editions and which bonuses you can get, we will send you the information directly.

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