Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 pre-order offers and pre-order bonuses to look forward to

by Samsung The Galaxy Z Fold 5 Unpacked event date is fast approaching, and if previous launches of the King Edition of the foldable phone are any indication, pre-order bookings will begin soon after the Unpacked announcement.

Samsung should hold a large Z Fold 5 Unpacked announcement event on July 26 at the COEX Center in Seoul’s posh Gangnam district but a few weeks before that you’ll likely be able to pre-order a Z Fold 5 and receive an extra bonus over trying to get one during the pre-order period.

Base price of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 to be expected

Judging by its predecessor, Samsung is unlikely to raise the base price of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 as $1800 is already quite steep, even for a foldable phone. It may, however, offer deals and bonuses for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 that can’t be beat when it comes to making up for the hefty price tag, starting with the free storage upgrade and moving up to the most generous trade-in deals out there, not a mention the pre-order booking program.

What is Samsung’s advance booking program?

This early booking program is used to gauge interest in upcoming devices and allows Samsung to make some final adjustments to its supply chain. Samsung’s pre-order program allows us to reserve a slot and a notification for when pre-orders of the Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 start, and offers various discounts, gifts or store credits to those who pre-book in addition to any pre-order bonuses Z Fold 5 and other devices launch with.

Expect a Galaxy Z Fold 5 pre-order booking bonus

Samsung may be offering up to $200 in store credits to use during the pre-order for those who have previously made a reservation, if history is any indication. You might be able to pre-order the Z Fold 5 for $100 in Samsung credit, a Galaxy Watch 6 for $50 in Samsung Credit and a new pair of Galaxy Buds for $30 in Galaxy Credit. Choosing to reserve all three upcoming gadgets will qualify you for the full $200 off in Samsung credit. Additionally, those who pre-order will enjoy the highest instant trade-in values ​​online for existing Galaxy devices, with even more savings. Finally, those who book the next Galaxy will be able to customize their devices with exclusive colors that are usually only available if you order through the Samsung online store.

The best Galaxy Z Fold 5 pre-order deals to look forward to

Galaxy Z Fold 5 pre-order offers on Samsung

If history is any indication, you can get the best Galaxy Z Fold 5 deals and the most generous gifts or bonuses when you buy directly from Samsung, and that goes for the carrier models as well.

Those who miss out on their Z Fold 5 pre-order reservation period may be able to compensate with $200 in the form of a Samsung Credit eCertificate to apply towards accessories with a Z Fold 5 pre-order in addition to any other pre-order agreements of Z Fold 5 that Samsung may offer, for example:

  • Upgraded trade-in offer up to $700 or $100 Samsung Store credit.
  • Exclusive colors and 1TB storage version.
  • 30% off with a Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Buds bundle

In addition to exclusive colors and top-shelf storage, last year Samsung offered $600 off a number of its phones that would go towards the purchase of the Z Fold 5, as well as 30% off a bundle with some of its most popular accessories.

T-Mobile galaxy Z Fold 5 pre-order offers to look forward to

  • Up To $1000 Off Z Fold 5 With 24 Monthly Credits When You Trade In An Eligible Phone Or Add A New Line On Magenta MAX.
  • Up to $500 off Z Fold 5 with 24 monthly credits when you trade in an eligible phone or add a new line on most plans.
  • Free storage and case upgrade.

Verizon Galaxy Z Fold 5 pre-order deals to look forward to

Getting the Verizon Galaxy Z Fold 5 model from Samsung will earn you all of Samsung’s pre-order bonuses and gifts like free storage upgrades, except for exclusive colors and the 1TB storage tier. To those, Verizon will most likely add the usual $800 off new phones with any trade-in as long as you sign up for one of its unlimited 5G plans. There may also be the typical $200 eCard for switchers that Verizon offers to those coming from another carrier.

AT&T Galaxy Z Fold 5 pre-order deals to look forward to

T&T has operated a cash-for-clunkers flagship phone program for quite some time, so if you trade in just about any basic phone worth $35 or more in working condition, you could get $1,000 off the retail price. of the Galaxy Z Fold 5, provided you subscribe to a select 5G plan at AT&T. It goes without saying that the free memory upgrade that Samsung may offer during the pre-order period, as well as the Watch or Buds bundle deals may still be a try!

Amazon Galaxy Z Fold 5 pre-order deals to look forward to

Amazon usually can’t beat Samsung in its discount game, so it settles for offers like a free Galaxy Z Fold 5 case deal or slash $50 off the retail price. In the pre-order period, however, the discounts for the unlocked Z Fold 5 could go as high as $200.

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