People who remember what life was like before the internet share the things they miss the most, and it really was an easier time

These days, it’s hard to imagine what life was like before the internet and social media. But when Reddit user u/Daredevils9 asked people who are old enough to remember life before the internet, “What is there about something you miss about that time?” they delivered and brought ALL the nostalgia. Here are their answers:

1.“People actually hang out without distractions. I just miss being away all day on my bike with friends or at the mall.”


2.“Honestly? How small the world seemed to me. I didn’t always have to hear about conflict every day. I could just go about my day, do my thing and enjoy life without feeling all the conflict and anger everywhere. “


3.“Boredom. Yes, boredom. Because that was the time to get creative, try something new, make up a game, really immerse yourself in a book, practice drawing, wander around and explore, or just hang out and talk about any random thing, etc.” . . Boredom has given curiosity, creativity and focus. Nowadays, most of this shooting is easily/constantly interrupted or just anticipated. Too easy to lose interest and there’s always something else to do.”


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4.“You didn’t have to be constantly connected. There was no expectation that people could reach you 24/7. If they called you at home and you were out, they just had to wait for you to get home. They couldn’t message you on five different social media platforms”.


5.“The neighborhood kids are playing hide and seek outside.”


6.“How magical video games felt like as you uncovered their secrets. I remember us playing Super Mario world a lot, but it wasn’t until we visited a cousin that we discovered Star Road and Special Road.”


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7.“All games came in one physical package. You paid once and it was yours forever. No paid crap in game with a million updates and bug fixes.”


8.“Not knowing things. Like, as a kid, if I had a question about something and the answer wasn’t in our encyclopedia set, it became a big mystery to uncover. My imagination would run wild for months at times, or I’d go hunting to find people who knew, or scavenger hunting for books on topics in museums and libraries. “.


9.“This is something small and very random, but I absolutely loved looking in the newspaper to see what films were showing at the cinema on the weekend. The best was when the new releases appeared on Thursday or Friday. Such an exciting time for 11 I’m 18 years old.”

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10.“I miss when people would visit each other for many occasions. Like when you were sick or when you were celebrating something, they would come and share it with you. Now they call or text you.”


11.“Dating used to be so much easier. People met at parties, in clubs or bars. No one felt ‘scared’ of being approached by someone to strike up a conversation. People’s communication skills were so much better back then too, why not had ever communicated mostly via text messages and apps, people were much better at reading body language, tone of voice, picking up jokes and sarcasm, and being able to tell if someone you were interested in was into you or not”.


12.“Have an attention span. Mine is shot now. I’m lucky to get through a movie without being distracted these days. I don’t even own a smartphone, but I feel the pull of Reddit and YouTube from my laptop.”


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13.“The music was more special. You’d spend days and weeks digging through a good album, reading the liner notes and poring over the artwork and lyrics.”


14.“Civilization. People on the Internet are saying things they wouldn’t dare say to someone’s face for fear of being attacked. Especially if it’s in a format where they can be anonymous.”


15.“Receive letters and postcards in the mail.”


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16.“Ring my friend’s bell at 7 in the morning, asking him if he wants to play.”

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17.And finally, “The art of small talk. I feel that with the expansion of having internet friends who you’re likely to meet through a shared interest portal, people have forgotten how to interact with people who don’t share the same interests.”


Is there anything you miss about life before the internet? Tell us in the comments.

Note: Answers have been edited for length/clarity.

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