Internet Society Announces Global Partnership with Meta to Grow the Internet and Strengthen Local Ecosystems

WASHINGTON, June 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Internet companya global non-profit organization promoting the development and use of an open, globally connected and secure internet, today announced a partnership with Meta to develop local internet ecosystems and strengthen cross-border interconnections globally.

The announcement marks the expansion of the Internet Society – Meta relationship which initially focused on expanding Internet connectivity in Africa, Asia Pacific AND Latin America through the development of Internet Exchange Points (IXP). The partnership will now encompass multiple areas of work globally, including building technical communities and measuring the resilience of the internet in countries around the world.

IXPs are where ISPs connect to exchange local traffic. They allow Internet traffic to be exchanged locally instead of abroad. Messages, videos, and other Internet traffic can sometimes travel thousands of miles to reach a destination just a few blocks away. Locally exchanged traffic results in faster, cheaper and more reliable Internet access.

The Internet Society and Meta have supported the development of IXP in multiple countries, including the first IXP in Maldives AND Pakistan. THE Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) now has three IXP while Burkina Faso it has two that swap near 40Gb/s. As a result, network operators in Burkina Faso they are saving on the cost of international Internet capacity. Savings can now be redirected to extend access and upgrade network infrastructure.

“Recent events such as a global pandemic, natural disasters and internet outages have highlighted the importance of a resilient internet,” said Michuki Mwangi, Distinguished Technologist for the Internet Society. “Partnerships that bring together technical knowledge, capabilities and resources can have a tangible impact in narrowing the connectivity gap, and collaborations like this play a key role in expanding Internet access.”

The partnership over the next three years will address issues that include:

  • Obstacles to accessing the affordable and quality Internet. In many places, Internet access is characterized by slow speeds, high costs, and unreliable service, delaying the adoption and growth of local Internet ecosystems.
  • The absence of adequate local technical capacity to build and maintain the Internet infrastructure. Local technical communities are essential for sustainable local internet ecosystems through providing an essential platform for increasing local technical expert pool and knowledge sharing, as well as increased innovation to address community-specific problems.
  • Lack of comprehensive aggregation and analysis of trusted internet data to understand the state, availability and evolution of the internet. This information is critical to better inform policy and infrastructure development and decision-making to improve Internet ecosystems.

“Meta is thrilled to continue supporting The Internet Society as it serves as an important partner, supporting an open, efficient and secure internet,” he said Aaron Russell, Head of Edge Infrastructure at Meta. “Our partnership with The Internet Society complements Meta’s infrastructure investments such as undersea cables that help make the Internet ecosystem more reliable and reduce the overall cost of providing Internet access.”

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