Hands-on: AirCard puts Apple’s Find My technology into an NFC-enabled digital business card

Ever since Apple released the AirTag, companies have flown to create cases, lanyards, keychains, and so many other accessories. For the most part, these accessories work. I have one on my luggage, one on my dog’s collar, and another on my keychain, but one solution was missing: the wallet tracker. The biggest problem, at least for me, is that the AirTag is thicker than credit cards, so when you put it in your wallet, there’s a huge, ugly bulge.

Companies have created card-like cases for your wallet or even wallets that have an AirTag slot, but again, the solution seems half-baked. That’s where tech accessory brand Rolling Square comes in with its brand new AirCard.

Rolling Square is a company that produces high quality accessories, mainly for Apple devices; you may have read my post about their magnetic ecosystem, the Edge Pro. I have been a huge fan of their brand and every product they have made so far. They are now at the end of a very successful Kickstarter campaign that has generated over $800,000 in funding for their AirCard product.

What is AirCard

AirCard is the world’s first credit card-sized tracker that integrates with Apple’s Find My network, but also doubles as an NFC and QR code-enabled virtual business card. They have been able to pack so many features into a device that has the footprint of a credit card and is as thick as two cards, measuring just 2.2mm thick.

The design is also part of the wow factor of this device. The outer frame is made of high quality CNC aluminum and the outer shell is made of tempered glass. The glass lets you see inside the device, such as the motherboard, battery, NFC tag, and speaker. I think it looks great and the looks alone are a conversation starter.

Features of the AirCard

The main purpose of the AirCard is to be a tracker for your wallet while still being able to use the Find My network. The secondary function is to use it as a virtual business card. So whether you are at a trade show, event, business meeting or just a party, you can ask someone to scan your QR code or tap your NFC tag and you can send the information you want the other person have. They use a platform called sherr.it. You quickly create an account and start entering your phone number, email, social links, and any other information you’d like people to get by tapping the AirCard.

Other features include:

  • Digital business card functionality
  • A lifetime membership to sherr.it included with purchase
  • Loudspeaker with 105dB of sound so it can be located if lost
  • 2.5 year battery life (I’ll talk about what happens when the battery dies)
  • Find my network support
  • 2.2mm thick
  • Reminders left behind
  • Advanced Lost Mode
  • Share the item with up to five other people
  • One-touch setup
  • IPX6 water resistance
  • RFID blocking

Configuring the AirCard

Setting up AirCard is extremely easy. For the Find My tracking part, all you have to do is turn on your AirCard, wait for the beep, and then go to your Find My app.

Find My > Items > “+” > Add More Item

It will then start looking for the AirCard. It takes a few seconds and then the AirCard is found. You can name it and add an emoji, and you’re all set. You can then use the Find My app to ping it, add a person who can see it, and more.

So to set up your digital business card, scan the QR code, create your sherr.it account and add the information you want others to see! Very easy to set up and again, you get a lifetime membership to sherr.it with AirCard!

Battery life

Finally, I wanted to come back to the battery life situation. Rolling Square says the AirCard gives you 30 months or 2.5 years of battery life. Unfortunately, the battery is not replaceable. But Rolling Square has found a solution. First of all, the battery is only for the Find My and Location portion of the AirCard, so the Digital Business Card portion will always work since QR Codes and NFC tags don’t use any power.

After the 30 months, Rolling Square will email you for a 50% discount coupon towards the purchase of another card. You will ship the old one and they can reuse it to get rid of e-waste. I think this is a great program and a phenomenal way to solve your battery problem.

Prices and availability

As I mentioned, this product is still on Kickstarter for another six days. They have a range of support offers, ranging from a single AirCard for $30 (31% off any retail price) and up to a pack of five AirCards for $131 (39% off any retail price). detail). These will start shipping in August of this year. Some people are hesitant with Kickstarter, but Rolling Square has a 100% record on shipping products from Kickstarter and this product will be no different!


I think this is a great product for anyone who is constantly losing or misplacing their wallet. What I like is that it has multiple functions. It’s a tracker and digital business card integrated into one extremely aesthetically pleasing package. I received a prototype of the product for testing, but after reviewing it, I actually ordered three more for myself and two more for holiday gifts.

Clearly, there’s a market for these since Kickstarter is approaching $900,000 in support. Jump on upfront pricing while you can! Let me know what you think of this product. Are you someone who uses trackers like these? Would you use this product in your portfolio? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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