Google Pixel Feature Drop for June offers Emoji wallpapers, security feature improvements and more

The Google Pixel Feature Drop for June is finally here, and while many expected the update to arrive last week, it seems the company is making a habit of releasing updates a little later than usual. The latest feature release comes a week later than expected, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t packed with new features, such as Emoji wallpapers, speaker labels for Pixel Recorder, new security features, and more. So, if you’re a Pixel or Pixel Watch user in a supported region, you can now start taking advantage of it by downloading the latest update.


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So first, let’s first talk about the features that are coming to all Pixel smartphones. Emoji Wallpapers was a feature that was first shown during Google I/O 2023 and now it’s finally here. The feature gives users the ability to create quirky and personalized wallpapers using their favorite emojis. The wallpaper editor can create wallpapers using 4,000 different emojis and apply different patterns and colors at the same time.

What makes these creations even more fun is that the emojis in the wallpapers are interactive, adding just a twist to the already wacky wallpaper creations. If you’re looking for something a little more personal, Google has also introduced Cinematic Backgrounds which will take a regular image and add some extra flair by applying a 3D effect which will give it an extra dimension.

Speaker labels

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With each update, Pixel Recorder just got better and better, adding new features to an otherwise standard audio recorder. The latest update brings recorder speaker labels which can now be exported as transcripts to Google Docs. Users will also be able to generate speaker-labeled video clips and will have the ability to also search through audio recordings using these new speaker-labels.

Vehicle crash detection shown on your Pixel phone screen

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Pixel phones are also getting a boost when it comes to safety features, with Google improving car crash detection by adding real-time location data and a call status with emergency contacts. This is on top of the feature that already contacts emergency services when you’ve been involved in an accident. Google is also elevating Security Control and Emergency Sharing by giving users the ability to activate the feature with their voice.

Hand gesture with photos on Pixel phone

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As for some specific features, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series phones will now be able to initialize self-timer photos with a wave of the hand. Palm Timer will make it incredibly convenient when you need to take a group photo or just need to take a photo for yourself when no one is around to help you. Additionally, the Pixel 7 Pro’s Macro Focus mode is coming to video, giving you the ability to really get close to your subjects.

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Pixel Watch Health Tracking Oxygen and Heart Rate

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The Pixel Watch is also getting some new health tricks, like the ability to monitor blood oxygen (SpO2) levels while you sleep. Additionally, the watch will also notify you if your heart rate gets too low or too high. While these features aren’t new to the world of health and fitness, another great feature has been added that will make a good smartwatch even better. Additionally, users will be able to take breaks during certain exercises, with the watch now able to automatically pause and restart fitness tracking.

With the latest Pixel Feature Drop, Google is also expanding some existing features on Pixel devices into new regions and even more languages. If you’re interested and own a compatible Pixel device, you can now download the update to take advantage of these features. Enter the Settings menu, then the System section, and enter System update. From here, only Check for updates, and you should be able to download the Pixel Feature Drop for June. If you don’t see it yet, be patient, as the update may have a staggered rollout depending on your region.

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