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How was your week? I hope it was wonderful for you, but even if it was very tense, there is always our free edition of apps of the week to keep you calm. NextPit’s specially curated list of free apps and games from Google Play and the Apple App Store is back to help you wrap up the week. These are usually apps that will cost you something, but for a limited time only you can pick them up for free on iPhone and Android. Please note that this list is published twice a week.

These aren’t free apps per se, let’s be honest about the matter. These are normally paid apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store that will require you to pay if you want them. However, developers occasionally get generous by making their apps freely available to the masses. This is what we do twice a week, in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, to search for the best deals for you.

Keep in mind that while the list of apps here is free at the time of publishing, these deals tend to expire without notice based on the whim and whim of the developer. The promotional period for apps on these platforms can be unpredictable and can end just like that.

NextPit ensures that there are apps in our free list with a rating below 4.0. Unlike our top 5 apps of the week, none of them were reviewed. We encourage you to do your due diligence before downloading, as some of them may have hidden costs.

Tip: If you find an interesting app in our list but don’t need it now, install it and delete it later. This will save the app to your library, allowing you to install it later for free, even after the promotion ends.

Android apps available free for a limited time

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Who uses My WiFi Pro [4.2-stars / $0.49]: Find out who are nearby freeloaders using this app.
  • Net Signal Pro [4.6-stars / $0.49]: Check not only the Wi-Fi signal strength, but also the cellular signal strength.

Android games

  • Ruby square puzzle [4.0-stars / $0.99]: Rotate the blocks on your phone to match a certain pattern. With over 700 of these puzzles to keep you busy, it’s a great pastime!
  • Trojan War Award [4.0-stars / $0.49]: You’re in command of a Greek army, ready to devastate your enemies for victory! How experienced are you?
  • Force of gravity [4.2-stars / $2.49]: A great primer for those who want to learn about gravitational force in physics.
  • Bagatur chess engine [4.4-stars / $4.49]: Do you love chess? This game is sure to keep you hooked with 16 strength levels to choose from.
  • Epic Wars Heroes Premium [4.3-stars / $0.99]: An RTS that has a side-scrolling element, where you keep leveling up your team by facing powerful monsters.

iOS apps available for free for a limited time

iOS apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • cRate Pro Currency Converter [4.7-stars / $0.99]: With countries’ borders opening, it’s time to travel after the pandemic. Just remember that not all countries use the same currencies…
  • Epic Camera 2 Pro Monster [4.3-stars / $0.99]: Next time you take a selfie, why not transform yourself into a monster with this fun filter?
  • Corrupted Photo Recovery 2 Repair [4.3-stars / $9.99]: Sometimes, even modern photos get corrupted. This app helps fill in the literal gaps and works best with older photos.
  • FACEICON: Cartoon Yourself [4.3-stars / $1.99]: Turn your face into a cartoon rendition that you can use as your profile picture elsewhere.
  • DanceAnimation [5.0-stars / $0.99]: Create your own stop motion animation from 7 photos or select up to 15 photos from your library!

ios games

  • Animal class [4.9-stars / $1.99]: An educational game where you learn all about different animals.
  • Shock Clock Arcade [5.0-stars / $2.99]: Time your jumps carefully as you tap the screen to jump from clock to clock so you don’t fall over.
  • Smart Othello [4.6-stars / $2.99]: If you feel that the computer isn’t challenging enough for you, you can always take on your friends in this game.
  • Botz cat [4.8-stars / $1.99]: Learn the basic AI in this fun game involving cats…
  • My Town: Cops and Robbers [4.5-stars / $3.99]: Kids love a little cops and robbers. This will allow your little ones to protect the city from crime.

That’s all for now to kick off the weekend release free apps article! Our sincere hope is that you find something worth picking up for both immediate use and delayed gratification. What do you think of the apps listed this time? In case you are looking for some online games to whet your gaming appetite without needing an internet connection, check out our story linked below.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the picks to wrap up this week before we start curating another list for you to enjoy next week. Did you find other cool apps or games on Google Play Store or Apple App Store? Share your tips with us in the comments!

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