EMQ Revealed the Internet of “Anything” at IoT Tech Expo and IIoT World Manufacturing Day Conference

Everything has a story that the IoT can tell.

MORGAN HILL, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 13, 2023 / IoT is not often associated with compelling stories. More often it is limited to a presentation of technology stacks designed to impress or deceive with the idea that IoT is about productivity, efficiency, automation, accuracy and other capabilities. That AND IoT, of course, but perhaps many are missing the mark on what IoT is Should also be: What about perhaps the story behind IoT data collected at the source of a manufacturing plant? Or why anyone would want a kitchen stove to be smart?

There is a story for [the Internet of] Nothing just begging to be informed. THE True the value is inside Why anyone would like to implement an IoT infrastructure. Is it just for mere technological progress? Or is it also for a specific human benefit? EMQ likes to focus on the latter.

EMQ shares the stories behind IoT at two recent conferences

EMQ had a strong presence at both the virtual conference of the IoT Tech Expo in Santa Clara and the IIoT World Manufacturing Day in May, addressing today’s issues regarding industrial IoT manufacturing data strategy and digitization of the manufacturing plant production.

Hangzhou EMQ Technologies Inc, Tuesday, June 13, 2023, press release image

Hangzhou EMQ Technologies Inc, Tuesday, June 13, 2023, press release image

From left to right: Moderator John Jiang, PhD, EVP of Acteon Group Ltd. Sudhir Pai,
Brambles Vice President Sandeep Bandil, AGCO Corporation Director Susanne Lauda,
President and CEO of EMQ Dylan Kennedy, former director of Levis Strauss & Co. Martin Miller

Notably, notable highlights included EMQ CEO Dylan Kennedy on a panel that discussed everything from LEAN principles to sustainability, including thoughts on digital innovation and predictive analytics. He had this to say:

“I think many of us don’t fully understand what IoT can or should do. It doesn’t just do something For we. He tells us Why it is doing so, so we can understand the purpose.”

The key point was not simply how impressive IoT could be for industrial manufacturers. Rather, it was Why.

EMQ’s position has always been to understand thisenter the history behind the real value of digital innovation; which involves, for example, a refrigerator that not only offers recipes on a display, but perhaps provides options for a human being who needs to focus more on non-GMO or gluten-free as part of a diet plan. Or perhaps a smart home designed to recognize not just the homeowner with a simple robotic hello, but an intruder in the event of a break-in.

It’s not about the innovation or offering of the communication devices – it’s the long-term benefits behind that communication that carry the most weight.

Also, it’s evident that the industrial manufacturing space in particular has gone way beyond just making everything convenient “or automated” just for its own good. THE True the value must come from looking at the data collected by the devices and knowing about it history Behind. Here’s how much further.

Speaking of IIoT data.

EMQ Technologies Inc., Tuesday, June 13, 2023, press release image

EMQ Technologies Inc., Tuesday, June 13, 2023, press release image

Josh Eastburn at the IoT Tech Expo
EMQ Director of Technical Marketing

Josh Eastburn, director of technical marketing at EMQ, was also on deck for the IIoT World Manufacturing Day virtual conference (while also attending the IoT Tech Expo) to discuss that exact value, moving from simply acquiring large-scale data to transforming it into a valuable resource. The talk helped the audience understand what they could do better with their data, such as improving interoperability or data integrity, factors that could make the difference between the success or failure of an IoT project.

At the end of the day, IoT data is useless unless the story behind that data is front and center. And a good data strategy can reveal that story — or stories — so vendors don’t miss the big picture, while remaining open to the types of applications to build or use cases to discover. Josh, in fact, said it best:

“How about we don’t start by deciding what we’re going to use the data for? What if we first think about what good data should look like, then build an infrastructure that provides That? After that, the applications will flow easily.”

The story behind the IoT then drives growth for the future with an understanding of all that information: where it’s produced, what it represents, how it might seep into the rest of the organization for deeper digital transformation.

It makes the internet of Nothing possible.

What’s next for IoT, IIoT, IoV

EMQ Technologies Inc., Tuesday, June 13, 2023, press release image

EMQ Technologies Inc., Tuesday, June 13, 2023, press release image

From left to right: EMQ Solutions Engineer Don Fadel, EMQ Account Executive Steve Reinhart, EMQ Event Manager Rosemary Guy, EMQ Sales Development Representative Hollie Maddux, EMQ Head of Global Sales Development Adam Henrich

Of the sky Not the limit. There is even more out there in the IoT outer space. It helps, though, when thought leaders not only have an eye for what’s possible, but Why should the tech space catch up with it, what the benefits can be, and how to get the ROI to make it make sense in the long run. The IoT Tech Expo and the IIoT World Manufacturing Day virtual conference were explorations of this. Even more good news for the future: expect EMQ to do the talking Moreover compelling stories about what IoT has to offer for the future.

About EMQ

EMQ is the world’s leading software provider of open source IoT data infrastructure. Its flagship product EMQX, the world’s most scalable and reliable open source MQTT messaging platform, supports 100 million concurrent IoT device connections per cluster, while maintaining 1 million messages per second throughput and sub-millisecond latency . It boasts over 20,000 business users, connects over 100 million IoT devices, and is trusted by over 400 customers in mission-critical IoT scenarios, including well-known brands such as HPE, VMware, Verifone, SAIC Volkswagen, and Ericsson.

EMQ’s global research and development center is located in Stockholm, Sweden. It has over 10 offices in the Americas, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

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