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Google has released Android 14 Beta 3, which is detailed in this blog post. Pre-release software, which mostly fixed previous bugs and other issues, is available to download and install on Pixel 4A 5G and later, as well as some other supported devices. There is only one more Android 14 beta, scheduled for July, before the public Android 14 update rolls out in the fall.

Android 14 in general will bring changes and revamps, including updates to the Android system UI and improvements to privacy and security.

Android 14 Beta 3 is the latest preview of the mobile system from Google, which first went to developers with the Android 14 developer previewto be tested before general release.

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Before the Android 14 beta releases, the process of installing Android Developer Previews wasn’t super easy. It involved unlocking developer options, downloading a sizable file, factory resetting the device, and more. Now it’s much easier to download and install the latest Android 14 beta.

The final version of Android 14 will eventually be the most accessible way to get it, but it’s not expected until later this year. If you really want to get a first look at what’s coming and you have a supported Android device, like the Pixels 7 OR Pixel7 Proyou can start testing Android 14 beta 3 right away. Here’s how.

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Is the Android 14 beta safe to download?

While the Android 14 beta is more polished and robust than the Android 14 developer preview, you should still expect bugs with this release that could make your phone harder to use. Only download the Android 14 beta if you are willing to go through these issues or if your device is a backup of your daily phone. Also, be sure to back up your device before downloading the Android 14 beta, in case something goes wrong or you decide to leave the program later.

Note: Some of the new features in development may not make it to the final version of Android 14, so everything you use should be considered an early preview and not necessarily final.

Which Android devices are compatible with Android 14 beta?

For now, these Pixel smartphones support the latest Android 14 beta:

Besides Google Pixel, there are a few other devices that support Android 14 beta, including OnePlus 11, Nothing Phone (1), and Lenovo Tab Extreme. You can check if your device is compatible with Android 14 Beta here.

A Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro next to each other

Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are two of the supported devices that can currently run Android 14 beta.

Andrew Lanxon/CNET

How to download Android 14 Beta 3 to your supported device

The easiest way to get Android 14 Beta 3 on your phone is to go to the Android Beta for Pixel page on your computer, check if your device is supported, and then sign up for the Android 14 program.

Under the Your eligible devices option, you should see if your phone is supported (make sure your phone is charged above 10% otherwise it may not appear).

Until you’ve signed up for the Android 13 beta or Android 14 developer preview, you’ll see the option to opt-in. download Android 14 Beta 3. You should automatically receive an over-the-air update on your phone.

Device eligible for the Android 13 beta program.

If your device supports Android 14 beta, it will appear under “Your eligible devices”.

Screenshot by Nelson Aguilar/CNET

To sign up for the Android 14 beta, click here Activate and then click Confirm and sign up after reading the terms and conditions. You should see a notification that your device is now part of the Android 14 beta program.

You will then receive an update over the air on your phone. If you don’t get a notification on your phone, go to Settings > System > System Update to see the Android 14 update. It may take up to 24 hours to receive the OTA update.

How long will the Android 14 beta last?

You should expect updates until the public release of Android 14, which will likely launch in the fall of this year. According to Google, you should get one update per month in May and June, with two in July.

Additionally, the Android 14 beta program as a whole will continue into next year, which means you’ll continuously receive beta updates until the next beta release, unless you opt out.

How can I deactivate the Android 14 beta?

To opt out of the Android 14 beta program, go back to the Android Beta for Pixel page, but this time click Opt out. Within 24 hours, you should receive an OTA update on your phone that will erase all of your locally saved data and give you whatever is the latest public version of Android at that moment. As mentioned earlier, this is why you need to back up your device before signing up for the Android 14 beta program.

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