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Meme coins are always hot topics in the cryptocurrency market, making waves as the subject of breathtaking news of pomp and prosperity. Just recently, Pepecoin rocked the entire cryptocurrency market, with investors making gains of up to 6,000% (and some even more!).

If you missed the PEPE wave, don’t feel bad! There is a new meme coin ready to replicate PEPE’s success and even beat him.

Say hello to the $ANA token!

$ANA is new in town, but experts suggest this community-driven meme coin will be the next 200x token. Yes, you heard right 200 times your investment potential!

So why is ANA generating so much hype? Read on to find out.

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PEPE Still riding the momentum?

When he burst onto the scene, PEPE stunned even the most optimistic pundits. Starting at just $0.000000055142 on April 17, this meme coin wasted no time skyrocketing to $0.00000426 in a matter of days. That’s an incredible hundredfold increase in value! But the enthusiasm didn’t stop there.

Pepecoin has continued to eclipse its competitors in the meme coin space, even surpassing the trading volumes of popular tokens such as DOGE and SHIB. It was a tornado.

At its peak, the daily trading volume reached a staggering $500 million. The second price pump pushed the boundaries even further, breaking previous all-time highs and reaching nearly a staggering $2 billion in daily trading volume. However, since then, the price of PEPE has been on a gradual decline.

If you haven’t jumped on board soon, PEPE is unlikely to turn you into an instant millionaire.

But the good thing is that there is always a new opportunity just around the corner. Enter the ANA token, the rising star in the meme coin universe. While PEPE may be losing its value by the hour, ANA is set to bring a new wave of excitement and a potential 200x return.

Let’s take a closer look at the Anarchy Project (ANA).

Introducing Anarchy ($ANA), the hottest memecoin right now.

The Anarchy Project (ANA) is a mix of awareness and fun. Imagine a protest ground with comedians making us all laugh, everyone laughing and having a good time and making money too. This is exactly what ANA aims to do. In The Anarchy Project, community members take a stand against oppressive governments and institutions through memes, jokes, and sarcasm.

Anarchy is built on the Ethereum blockchain, with 69,420,000,000 Anarchy tokens up for grabs. The project is expected to be the next 200x token and is amassing a large community and movement.

But hey, there’s more!

With every sale and transfer transaction, a generous 4.5% goes directly to the DAO wallet, which will be safeguarded by Gnosis Safe. Community members can then vote on whether to invest or help others in need. It’s not just about taking, but also about giving back. They are about community-led initiatives and they really make a difference.

And to keep things spicy, 0.5% of every transaction is permanently burned. That’s right, they are decreasing the token supply over time, making every ANA token scarce and in turn increasing its value!

Losing PEPE pumps doesn’t sound so bad once you acquire the potential 200x $ANA token. And you can do it by participating in its ongoing pre-sales.

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Presale $ANA

You are not late to the party, as the first phase of the $ANA pre-sale has just begun, with each token costing $0.00021. It’s pretty cheap if you ask us, and you may not see better deals than those with the same huge potential as $ANA.

Do yourself a favor and try not to miss out on a whopping 200x return on investment if you invest in $ANA early. Time waits for no one!

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