Circular Computing and BSI join forces to bring ‘as new’ refurbished laptops to market.

This month, Circular Computing partnered with BSI, the UK’s Stanadards body, to help bring recycled computers into the mainstream.

Use aCircular regeneration processCircular Computing delivers HP, Dell and Lenovo laptops that look and perform like new, ensuring carbon-neutral processes and end products.

The company has been awarded the worlds first and onlyBSI Kitemarkfor refurbished laptops, certifying that it manufactures products equal to or better than new as required by the BS 8887 standard.

BSI is a standards company with over 77,500 customers in 195 countries. Kitemark certification confirms that experts have independently tested and repeated a claim about a product or service.

Circular Computing has enabled customers such as WWF and the Royal Mint to save 9 million to 15 million, realizing significant environmental benefits. These include 73,000,000 kg of resource conservation, saving 11,500,000,000 liters of water and reducing 19,280,000 kilograms of carbon.

Five trees are planted through WeForest for every laptop sold, further contributing to carbon sequestration.

The remanufacturing process extends the lifecycle of hardware, decreasing the amount of technology wasted each year. The Circular

The remanufacturing process involves an intensive 360 ​​point quality control by fully qualified technicians within a purpose built state of the art manufacturing facility, with the Kitemark hallmark ensuring consistent quality in both performance and appearance .

BSI also collaborates withCircular Computing to reduce your carbon footprint using refurbished laptops.

Steve Haskew, Head of Sustainability and Social Leadership at Circular Computing shared:

We are passionate about putting remanufacturing at the heart of the IT industry for years to come. The mountain of electronic waste created is the result of people who do not respect the fact that technology at the end of its first life cycle is not waste but a new generation resource.

Throughout our journey BSI have been fully supportive and committed to the regeneration including awarding the Kitemark. We are excited to work with them more closely as part of this agreement.

Reuse, refurbishment and repair of devices helps fight climate change by preventing the depletion of raw materials and water, while reducing carbon emissions.

A growing trend in the fight against e-waste

The European Parliament passed this week legislation on the right to repairrequiring batteries to be easily removable and replaceable in all electronic devices sold within the European Union from 2027.

While 2027 is a long way off, there is a strong presence of refurbished electronics in Europe.

FrancesRear marketis the most established, a dedicated and refreshed technology marketplace founded in 2014. The company is active in 16 countries, has raised 884 million and is valued at $5.7 billion.

In Austria,Refurbisheddeveloped a resale platform to return more usable technology to the market.

Since launching in 2017, it has saved 170 tonnes of electronic devices from premature death, resulting in a cumulative reduction in CO2 impacts of 31,000 tonnes. The company plants a tree in Haiti, Madagascar, Kenya, Indonesia, Mozambique or Nepal for every device sold.

Refurbished raised$73.2million in funding over4round, more recentlyraising$54 million Series B in August 2021.

Hopefully, in the future, we will see electronics designed with modular, replaceable parts built from materials that can be reused or recycled.

And in the case of IoT-connected devices, I want to see hardware that somehow works even if the software and apps are dead. This makes reuse possible even if all digital features are not operational.

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