Asia’s largest internet satellite, Indonesia’s SATRIA-1, has been launched into orbit

The Indonesian SATRIA-1 satellite has been successfully launched. At a press conference held on Friday, the Acting Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mahfud MD, announced the launch of the highly anticipated SATRIA-1 satellite. The satellite was carried into orbit by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The launch took place on June 18, 2023 in Cape Canaveral, Florida, United States at 18:00 local time.

A renowned satellite manufacturer in France, Thales Alenia Space, has produced SATRIA-1. The satellite was securely stationed at SpaceX’s Payload Processing Facility in Cape Canaveral, Florida, United States. It was transported from Cannes, France after a 17-day sea voyage.

Equipped with VHTS (Very High Throughput Satellite) technology, SATRIA-1 will revolutionize Internet services with an astonishing capacity of up to 150 Gbps. This monumental milestone will position it as the largest satellite in Asia and the world’s fifth largest in its class, surpassing the 100 Gbps mark.

The importance of SATRIA-1 lies in its mission to address the digital divide prevalent in remote, outermost and underserved regions of Indonesia, commonly referred to as “3T” areas. Traditional technologies such as base transceiver stations (BTS), microwave links and fiber optics have failed to provide viable solutions to bridge the connectivity gap in these regions.


The advantage of satellite access lies in its ability to reach remote or isolated areas with convenient service and faster than terrestrial technology. With a capacity of 150 Gbps, SATRIA 1 will be the largest internet satellite in Asia. SATRIA will employ the concept of frequency reuse for efficient use of frequency and higher bandwidth capacity than conventional technology.

The SATRIA project is a project implemented under a public-private partnership (PPP) scheme. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Kominfo) acts as the Responsible Agency for Partnership Projects (PJPK) through the public service agency BAKTI Kominfo. BAKTI carried out the tender auction process designating PSN Consortium as the winner of the auction on April 26, 2019. Subsequently, the winner of the auction, PSN Consortium established an Implementing Entity (BUP) named PT Satelit Nusantara Tiga (SNT).

PT SNT Chief Executive Officer Adi Rahman Adiwoso said SATRIA 1 has 11 strategically placed ground stations or gateways across Indonesia including Cikarang, Batam, Banjarmasin, Tarakan, Pontianak, Kupang, Ambon, Manado , Manokwari, Timika and Jayapura. The Cikarang Gateway will serve as the home for the primary satellite control station and network operations control. After launch, SATRIA 1 will perform an Electric Orbit Raising (EOR) for approximately 145 days, from separation of the satellite from its launch vehicle until it reaches its orbital position at 146 degrees East longitude. In this orbital position, the satellite will undergo a series of tests, such as In Orbit Testing (IOT), In-Orbit Acceptance Review (IOAR), and End-to-End Test (E2E Test), to ensure optimal satellite performance. By the fourth week of December 2023, SATRIA 1 will be operational (ready for service) and connected to ground stations and remote terminal ground segments at public utility locations.

the interim minister of communications and information technology, Mahfud MD

In pursuit of equitable development especially in digital infrastructure in public service centers across Indonesia, the Government of Indonesia announces the launch of the first satellite of the Republic of Indonesia, SATRIA 1. Internet access provided by SATRIA 1 it will benefit communities in public service locations that currently lack access to or suffer from inadequate internet quality. The primary target audiences for Internet access from SATRIA 1 will be the education sector, health services facilities, local government offices, the Indonesian National Armed Forces, and Indonesian National Police offices. It is hoped that the public will be able to use SATRIA 1’s internet capacity gradually starting in January 2024

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