Americans will receive one-time payments between $500 and $3,284 shortly

Kansas discounts up to $900 offered

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly has announced a proposal that would provide a $450 tax rebate for individuals and $900 for married taxpayers who file jointly.

Funds for the program would come from the state’s budget surplus this year and total $800 million

In addition to the proposed payments, Kelly vetoed a tax plan that would have introduced a flat income tax rate of 5.15%.

The proposed rate change would have primarily benefited wealthy Kansans and would have reduced state revenues by approximately $330 million annually.

Sonoma County families get their money within days

About 300 families in Sonoma County, Calif., will see their next $500 monthly payment in less than 10 days.

The county’s Pathway to Income Equity pilot program selected families from more than 6,000 applicants.

To qualify, you had to have a child under the age of 6, have been impacted by the pandemic, and maintain a household income no more than 185% above the federal poverty level.

Payments were sent on the third Wednesday of every month, so June’s check arrives on June 21st.

This extra income will allow them to spend more time with their families, find a better job or improve their financial well-being, resulting in better outcomes for their children, said Angie Dillon-Shore, executive director of First 5 Sonoma County. Washington Examiner.

$4,000 California subsidy

Americans can start applying now for a $4,000 grant in San Diego.

The payment comes courtesy of the nonprofit Jewish Family Service.

He launched the Recovery Action Fund For Tomorrow (RAFT) for low-income residents in San Diego, California who have suffered from the pandemic.

Families must earn less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level.

That’s $30,000 a year for single families and $60,000 for a family of four.

Households eligible for RAFT include those with children under 18, seniors age 55 and older, and adults with disabilities.

How to get unclaimed money

Americans in 2022 were expected to receive up to two major letters regarding incentives and child tax credit payments made in the previous year.

Letter 6475, regarding stimulus payments, helps determine whether or not you can apply for the recovery discount credit on your 2021 tax return. The letter also describes how to request the money when you file.

If you didn’t get a letter or threw it away by mistake, there are other ways to check and see how much stimulus money you’ve received.

You can check your bank statements and see how much has been deposited or you can log into your account online and click on the Economic Impact Payment Information section on your tax records page.

Additionally, parents can use the IRSchild tax credit portal to view payments to their online accounts.

To apply for past stimulus money, you must file a 2020 and/or 2021 tax return.

Stimulus checks still available

Americans could still be owed anywhere between $600 and $1,400 in stimulus checks.

The tax deadline officially expired on April 18, but you can still file returns from previous years and claim money you owed in the past.

Qualified Americans can get the most out of the latest round of stimulus as long as their income is $75,000 and under, or $150,000 for couples.

Beyond those thresholds, the $1,400 check begins to be phased out and then capped at $80,000 and $160,000, respectively.

The requirements are similar for the other two rounds, but the rules for phasing out are different. To be eligible to receive cash under the first round worth $1,200, your income must have been less than $99,000 and $198,000, respectively.

The Government Accountability Office estimates that there are between nine million and 10 million Americans who still owe stimulus checks.

The North Carolina city offers discounts for electric bikes

Raleigh, North Carolina will soon begin offering e-bike discounts of up to $1,500.

The Raleigh City Council approved an e-bike pilot program that would provide some city residents with discount coupons between $500 and $1,500 when they buy e-bikes from a local dealer.

All residents will be able to apply for a $500 voucher, while low-income applicants can get up to $1,500.

Funds are provided by a federal grant.

E-bikes can replace cars for many urban commuters and reduce the city’s carbon footprint, according to Nicole Goodard, a sustainability analyst who works with the city’s Office of Sustainability.

The Department of Energy estimates that 75% of U.S. car journeys are less than 10 miles, a distance that can be covered comfortably on an E-bike. Even without electricity, they still work like a bicycle. So if your battery dies, you can still go home, Goodard told city council.

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