All the new features coming to your Pixel phone with the June 2023 feature release

Google Pixel phones get security updates every month. But at the end of each quarter, the company also launches a Feature Drop containing several new features and improvements.

With the June 2023 Feature Drop, Google is adding several useful new options to its Pixel phones, including a handheld timer for selfies, smarter car crash detection with real-time location sharing, and more. Find everything new for your Pixel phone in the June 2023 Feature Drop below.


Improved auto crash detection

Starting with the 2018 Pixel 3, all Google phones have built-in car crash detection. If your Pixel detects that you’re in a car accident, it will automatically call 911 and share your location with them.

Google is making this feature even better with the June 2023 Pixel Feature Drop. In addition to contacting emergency services, your Pixel will automatically share your real-time location and call status with your pre-specified emergency contacts.

The Security Assistant on Google Pixel 7 gets better
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This small improvement will help your loved ones know if you are safe, giving them peace of mind. And with location sharing, they can reach you as soon as possible.

Even better, you can now ask Google Assistant to initiate a security check. All you have to say is “Hey Google, run a security check for 30 minutes.” If you don’t respond to the security check-in notification within half an hour, your phone will notify your emergency contacts and share your real-time location with them.

Record macro videos

Like the recent iPhone Pros, the Google Pixel 7 Pro’s 12MP ultrawide camera comes with macro focus capabilities. But while you can record macro videos on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro, the Pixel 7 Pro was limited to photos only.

This is changing with the June 2023 Feature Drop, as it enables macro video recording functionality on the 7 Pro. You can now shoot very close-up clips on your phone.

Palm Timer in camera

On the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series, you can show your palm while taking a photo to start a timer, after which a photo will automatically be taken. This will make taking group selfies much easier.

Samsung already offers a similar palm shutter option on its Galaxy phones: just activate the timer setting first, then hold your palm to the screen and it will start.

Movie emojis and wallpapers

Using its AI prowess, your Pixel phone will transform your 2D wallpapers into dynamic 3D shots with a depth effect added after the June 2023 Feature Drop. This will add a pop effect to your home screen and make your phone shortcuts pop. app.

Emoji Wallpapers is another new option, allowing you to mix and match over 4,000 emojis in different patterns and colors to create a unique live wallpaper for your Pixel phone. These were both among the AI ​​features coming to Android that were showcased at Google I/O.

The recorder gets smarter

Pixel phones come with one of the best voice recorder apps for Android. Thanks to the Tensor chip and its machine learning and AI capabilities, Google’s Recorder app can transcribe your recordings in real time and is even able to identify multiple speakers. With the June 2023 Feature Drop, you can export transcripts directly to Google Docs for easy sharing.

Additionally, you can search for a speaker in a recording, with the app now also able to generate speaker-tagged video clips.

Pixel Feature Drops are among the best parts of Google’s phones as they regularly add new features to your phone months after its release.

Pixel Watch gets better too

The June 2023 Pixel Feature Drop also adds new features to the Google Pixel Watch.

First, the update activates the SpO2 sensor, allowing the watch to monitor blood oxygen levels while you sleep. Second, taking a cue from some of the best Android and iPhone watches, the Pixel Watch will provide high and low heart rate notifications.

Spo2 sleep tracking comes to Pixel Watch
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As part of the update, the availability of Google Assistant is expanding to more languages ​​and locations on Pixel Watch.

Finally, Google’s Watch is getting better at tracking your runs and cycling workouts. Automatically pauses exercise tracking when you take a short break and then resumes recording when you start again. If you use your Pixel Watch to track your run times, this change will ensure more accurate recordings now.

Download the update now

In addition to all the features mentioned above, the June 2023 Pixel Feature Drop includes several bug fixes and minor improvements. The update is deployed in batches, so it may not appear on your phone right away.

You can always try downloading it manually to your Pixel from Settings > System > System update. And if that doesn’t work, download the OTA file from the Google developer site and upload it manually.

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